Do I need to meditate to manifest?

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Do I need to meditate to manifest?


Do I need to meditate to manifest? So you heard lots of manifestation gurus talking about meditation. Some of them even have their own guided meditations and visualisation tools. And you are wondering if meditation is required in order to get your manifestation or apply the Law of attraction?

The short answer is: no, you don’t have to meditate. Now, the longer answer is: no, you don’t have to meditate, but YOU SHOULD and in this article, I am going to explain to you why should and how can it help you. 

Let’s get some context

To experience the things you desire, there has to be unity of heart and mind. When you are 100% in alignment is really when the magic happens. The issue here is that the mind has a hard time to do two basics things: to believe in things that the mind can’t see and to let go of control. 

The heart is most cases ready to believe in the possibility of getting what you want, but the mind is a whole other story. You can tell yourself something like “ I am beautiful and skinny” which the heart is oh so willing to accept, but then as you look in the mirror and you are unable to see it, your mind shouts: “ you are really not, what are you talking about?”

The contrast between those two opposite thoughts, makes you feel depleted. Lots of energy wasted in trying to overcome the doubts of the mind, which leaves you frustrated and exhausted. In response to that, your heart goes and say: “ oh ok, we are not beautiful and skinny after all” and goes back in alignment with the mind, which is its natural state. And just like that, your manifestation is ruined. Boom! Disaster at hand.  

manifestation disaster


So, why did this happens?

Thank you for asking. I am glad you did. So, You can’t fight your mind. Ok, you can but you shouldn’t because you will likely lose the battle. Instead, you need to understand the truth. Anything that we resist or try to control will in time take control over us. 

When there is a disparity between what you want and what you see, you need a radical acceptance of the current situation (I’ll get into how to do it a bit later). In case you are unable to do that, the negative momentum will start to snowball. 

What do I mean by that? In the previous example, your mind is rejecting your statement. Doubt, fear and insecurities start to creep in. You start feeling bad. Then, you feel bad, subconsciously you start sabotaging your progress, if not worse. You sabotage your progress, you feel even worse, now you start overeating. Then, you not only don’t lose any weight but start gaining weight. You feel even worse… well, you get the picture. To me, it feels like a donkey pursuing a carrot, almost within reach, but far enough to keep you under someone else’s control.

The moment your negative thinking has spiralled out of control, it feels really difficult to stop. I remember I used to have sleepless nights going around a thought over and over again unable to let it go at all. It has always been funny to me the fact that the more you want to stop thinking about something the more it comes to the forefront of your mind.

So, what to do about it?

When I have been in these situations before, and trust me everybody has so don’t be hard on yourself, my first priority is to stop the negative momentum. As I always say: “if you can’t think positive, think nothing at all”. 

And here is where meditation can help. I have to make a disclaimer at this point though. This is not the time to go into a positive meditation about your topic, with positive statements about your subject and guided visualization of your end. That might come later, but at this time you need to get off the subject, of any subject. 

Meditation has the power to stop the chatter in your head. You can release any thought pattern. You can use a guided meditation or a silent one that is your choice, however, make sure that the purpose of the meditation is to stop the flow of thinking. Allow some needed headspace before you try and add anything to it. 

The idea here is to move you from the position of an active participant in the emotional rollercoaster to the position of mere observer. You might have noticed that when faced with a friend’s complicated situation, your thinking is clear and objective. You can see the situation from a different standpoint. This is exactly what you are trying to do here. Get out of your mind and into your body so you can experience this glimpse of objectivity and detachment. 

Meditation relaxes your body, shuts the chatter in your head and allows room to manoeuvre. In a relaxed state, you are able to detach from the emotions and understand them for what they are: “clues of where are you mentally”. 

Once the negative momentum has stopped, then it is time for “radical acceptance”. 

radical acceptance

What is “radical acceptance”?

The term refers to accept where you are at fully. Whether it’s a place you want to be or not. To feel the emotions associate it with the current circumstances as they are, so they can simply drift away. 

See, nothing is really set in stone, no matter what it is. Circumstances are mutable. The fact that right now, like in the example before, you are fat, does not necessarily imply that you are going to be so for the rest of your life if you do not want to be. And that is a fact.

Trying to suppress or fight the situation only makes things worse. I know that from experience. Until I didn’t sit with the fullness of my feelings, I was fighting a fruitless war. One I was destined to lose every time. The moment I fully accepted how I felt, the emotion was released and I was set free to change whatever I wanted. 

In my opinion, emotions and feelings want to come out to play. They want to be heard, experienced and acknowledged and the moment you do that, they gladly let you go. 

Meditation helps with self-awareness. Sitting still with your thoughts helps you acknowledge them, from the point of view of the observer. That resource is priceless. You are releasing resistance, feeling relaxed and open to change from a position of power instead of force. 

It feels like giving up the struggle in order to come into your own personal power. All of that from a place of surrender and self-love. 


Meditation is not necessarily a component of manifestation, but it would be your best ally to release resistance and stop negative thinking.

It helps you acquire the perspective of the observer and detach from undesired emotions that can hinder your manifestation, giving you a consistent feeling of wellbeing. 

Meditation also helps you process and allow your emotions in a safe way, so mind and heart can align to bring your manifestation to life. 

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