How to make subconscious mind tapes

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How to make subconscious mind tapes


How to makes subconscious mind tapes? Subconscious mind tapes are one of the easiest ways to reprogram your mind. They are easy to carry around as you can have then on your phone. You can hear them on the go or even play them before you go to sleep. And they yield incredible results with minimal effort.

What are subconscious mind tapes?

They are a helping aid to reprogram your subconscious mind and help you speed up your manifestation. The subconscious mind likes repetition. With subconscious mind tapes, you can use your downtime to reinforce your affirmations all day long. 

How to create the subconscious mind tapes

The tapes itself are actually quite simple, although some preparation needs to be done before you commence. So I am going to divide these steps into two sections: Preparation and actual recording. 


  1. Select your focus: Although you can go as general and broad as you want, it is my experience that concentrating on a particular topic makes things way easy for the mind. You are programing new beliefs so for the sake of your mind convenience, it is easy that you link them together. I would always recommend working on one topic at the time.  
  2. Define what you want and give it emotion: to create an affirmation that works you need to give it relevance to you. “ I am healthy” for example might not excite you or provoke any emotion, while “I feel amazing, my skin is glowing and my body firm and toned” might paint a different picture for your mind. 
  3. Create affirmations that your mind can’t reject: the mind requires facts, it is not inclined to believe without evidence, so make sure you add a disclaimer. I recommend adding a “because”  in the previous example “I feel amazing, my skin is glowing and my body firm and toned because I am taking care of myself every single day” 

Bonus tip: Limit your affirmation to 10 at the time. Makes it more targeted and faster to assimilate. 


Here comes the fun part recording it. I normally make two versions of the same recording. One that I can use for everything and another one that I can use when I can relax safely:

  1. Recording devices – you can use any recording device you want, sometimes I record them with my mobile and other if I got more time with the mic. The only condition is that you record them in a quiet place so you don’t get any background noise. 
  2. Voice – remember you are going to hear it when the mind is less busy and more prone to wander, so use a low tone voice, talk slowly and calmly and remember to pronounce every word. Allow 5 seconds before and after so you can loop them easily. I personally like to add 2 seconds between affirmations, but it’s really a personal preference. 
  3. Background music – Music can help you relax and be more receptive. As I told you before, I make two types of tapes and here is where the difference lies. For normal use, I would choose some relaxing music like meditation or reiki music (although sometimes I add techno and chill-out music, I am weird that way). For the times I can relax safely, like before going to sleep I use binaural beats. Binaural beats speak the language of the brain. They transmit the frequency of the brain in the different stages: alert, relaxation, sleep … For the tapes, I use theta waves. 
  4. Mix them together: this is not a subliminal tape so make sure you are heard over the background sound which shouldn’t be too loud. 

Bonus info: theta waves are the frequency of the brain in deep meditation. It is easy to reprogram your mind regardless of the technique when you are at that stage cause the brain is more susceptible to input.

How long should the tapes be?

There is not a particular rule of thumb, however, I noticed that for me less than 10 minutes and over an hour seem to be less effective. So I create my tracks about 10 minutes and easy to play on a loop without any abrupt cut. 

When is the best time to use subconscious mind tapes?

In general, you can use subconscious mind tapes all the time, but they are the most effective in mental downtimes. If I were you, I would pore all of my emotions in my mental affirmations first thing in the morning and use the tapes during the day. I also use them after my night affirmations as I drift into sleep. 

How long do they take to work?

You will feel the shift and sometimes if there is no resistance, they work pretty quickly. But for the sake of clarity, the average is about 30 days if you are consistent.


Subconscious mind tapes are a great resource to help you along the way. They help fill your mind with positive thinking in your low mental activity moments and prevent negative thinking from creeping in. A win-win easy and effective, what else can you ask for. 

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