Manifestation – the simplified guide

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Manifestation – the simplified guide


Ready to start with manifestation? What would you say if I told you that you could literally be, do or have anything you ever wanted? That was the promise a medium gave me in my darkest hour. Would you believe me? Don’t worry, I didn’t believe her either. But I am going to tell you the story anyway. 

In the middle of my desperation, I had lost… hold on! I don’t like that word… I had misplaced my job, my relationship and if that wasn’t enough my apartment too. I wouldn’t have said it was my best moment. One of my closest friends recommended that woman and told me “what is the harm in trying?”. The medium described that perfect life that I have always dreamed of, but (and everything always comes with a but) there was a condition in order to get it. A simple condition set by the universe: “You have to do the work”.

I was determined to get that life and get it asap so off I went to do work. I am not gonna lie, it took a bit more than I thought, cause I always want things now, not in a couple of days or months or whatever time that is not just right now. But then again, if I told you there is a way to experience everything you ever dreamt of, wouldn’t you like to know how? Welcome to manifestation. 

What is manifestation?

The truth? Nobody knows. Some call it the expression of God, others awareness, others vortex, the universe, quantum physics… and the list goes on and on. Every teacher has a completely different definition and conception of what it is. 

In simple terms, it’s the art of bringing into your reality those things you desire to experience. Notice that I said, Art. This way of living requires finesse. Now, when you acquire it, and you will, you would ask yourself this question:

“why did I ever put in so much work when I can speak things into existence?” 

I personally subscribe to the theory of reality transurfing. In this theory, everything that is and will ever be is already created and in order to bring it into your physical world, you have to attune yourself to the sector where that reality is already created. In other words, you have to become the person that already has what you desire. 

the person you always desired


What are the steps to get your manifestation?

Regardless of the theory you subscribe to, the steps are pretty much the same. In general terms, there are 4 main steps:

  1. Decide on what you want – Everything that is created, it’s always as a result of a decision. Most people are aware of what they do not want, which doesn’t help much, but not really clear on what they actually want. To create the life you want, you have to be extremely clear on what it is that you want. Be specific. It is like choosing an item on Amazon, you need to decide which item, which colour and which size you prefer before you add it to your cart. 
  2. Create it – Once your desire has been chosen, then comes the fun part: creating it. This step is as simple as the checkout in Amazon. You have chosen your product, aka your desire, now you pay the price, which in this case is assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled and holding it for a little while. Some schools would say as little as 17 seconds. After that, you just need to wait for your package.  
  3. Allow it – This is different from the example above about buying in Amazon. When you are asking for something that you are not so sure whether it is possible, feelings of fear, doubt and insecurities are going to creep in. Even if I promise you that everything you ordered is already on its way just by imagining it, your mind is going to resist that thought like crazy. “It can’t be that easy” I am sure it’s screaming to you right now. Don’t worry, it is normal to feel that way. I did too. That is why this step is crucial. You need to find a way to allow yourself to believe it is possible and that you are going to get it. There are lots of techniques to help you with that so you are not alone in that respect. 
  4. Receive it – This is my favourite part! When you receive the goodies. I have to say that for me it is always in the most unexpected way. For some reason, it tends to be in the moment I least expect it. Weird, but it works. So I am not complaining. 

With practice, you will be able to design your life on command. Build your faith to the level that asking for what you want is like filling an order in Amazon. But like everything else in life, it requires a bit of patience. 

How does manifestation works?

The base idea of manifestation is that everything is possible. When you align your heart and mind around one desire with determination, a bridge of incidents will unfold to make it a reality for you. 

Even though that is a fact, your mind can’t really convince the idea that reality is that moldable. Here lies the problem of manifestation. That is why the step of “allowing it”, tends to be the most difficult one to get over. 


decide what you want

What are the most common techniques for manifestation?

There are multiple techniques to bring the manifestation to fruition, but for the sake of clarity we are going to divide this section in two. First, we will discuss the technique to align the heart and mind which I’ll call creation. And secondly, I will show you some of the techniques used for allowing that manifestation. 

Creation techniques 

Setting the order to your desire is simple. Hold the intention long enough for the heart and the mind to align and plant the seed of your manifestation. 

  1. Scripting – once you decide on your desire, document it as a diary entry. Remember the subconscious does not understand any other tense than the present. If you set the story in the future, this technique will not be effective. The idea is to go to the scene that would imply the achievement of your desire and describe it with all the detail you can master. The more detail the better as you will have to use your imagination to create the scene forcing both heart and mind to work together to bring the scene to life. 
  2. Visualization – the most famous type of visualization technique is the State A Kind to Sleep or SATS for short, described by Neville Goddard. In this case, you choose a scene that would imply that the wish has been fulfilled. For example, if you desire a new house, you will set the scene as if you are already living in the house, something like taking your clothes from your wardrobe in the house. Once you settle on the scene, in a relaxed state, you should loop it over and over again in your imagination until it acquires all of the tones of reality. 
  3. Affirmations – Affirmations are also a good way to get in alignment, although not the fastest one. The idea with affirmations is to expand your comfort zone and to make the unfamiliar, familiar. It is recommended to have no more than 10 affirmations at a time. They will be the most effective first thing in the morning and right before going to sleep. 
  4. Vision boards – also quite popular, so much so that there are countless apps to make vision boards. The idea is to get a visual representation of the goal you want to achieve and concentrate daily on how it would feel to achieve that goal. The same as with affirmations, the best time for concentrating on the feeling is early in the morning and late at night. 
  5. Intentions – This one is one of my favourites for small things, although it can be used for big and small alike. The technique is as simple as stating what you want in an intention “I intend to get a free coffee” and get it. Yes, it is that simple. The intentions are based on the law of assumption, you assume that what you intend is already taken care of.
  6. Identity shifting – this is the technique where you reprogram your mind to think a certain way, where you do the work to become the person that already has the thing you desire. This technique is deeply linked to mirror work and subconscious mind reprogramming

As you can see, I wasn’t lying when I say there are lots of techniques and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of variations within each category. 

When it comes to choosing the right one for you, you should really look at the type you feel most comfortable with. Whether is visual, auditory or written clues, use what resonates most with you. 

everything is possible

 Allowing techniques 

As I explained before, what you ask is literally given. The issue resides in allowing it to happen. In a way, you have to give yourself permission to choose what you desire. Which is not always as clearcut as it might look. 

Your mind tends to resist anything that it can’t understand or control. For the mind to understand that anything is possible, even in seemingly bad circumstances, is difficult. That is why in order to claim what is already yours, there must be some soothing to do. 

For the sake of simplicity I will mention, some of the most common techniques:

  1. Meditation – To me, the easiest one. It requires nothing to practice it and it’s quite effective. The logic is: “if you can’t think anything positive, think nothing at all”. The purpose of meditation is to shut down the constant chatter in your head and allow emptiness. You can learn more about how to get started here ( link)
  2. Subconscious mind programming – Changing the way you think about things is another good way to release resistance. If the way you are currently thinking doesn’t help you, what about changing the chatter? You can find more information on the different techniques here (link)
  3. Acceptance – I am sure that you have heard that famous phrase “what we resist persists”. With acceptance, you realize that the current circumstances are as they are. This is a neutral way of thinking as they are neither good nor bad, they just are. In order to be successful with this technique, you need to strip circumstances of any meaning. Understand that everything is subject to change and that the current situation is simply information. 
  4. Gratitude – The idea is to find a positive aspect even in the worst of circumstances and highlight that positive aspect. Gratitude is a way to shift from negative thinking to positive without fighting the current reality. Unlike Acceptance, this technique is based upon positive thinking applied to the present situation. 
  5. Spiritual therapies – The adventurous part of me loves spiritual practices. From Reiki to chakra healing, to EFT tapping, to Vipassana or regressions. I am a sucker for trying anything and everything that can help me to heal and understand myself better. 


Regardless of how many techniques you learn, or how well-versed you are in the theory, manifestation is about practice. Just like learning to ride a bike, in the beginning, you might think it’s difficult, but after a little while you find your balance and it becomes easy and pleasurable. 

It is the help you need to get where you always desired to go. The feeling of happiness and satisfaction of knowing that every step you take is guided to the place you want to go.

When you understand your right to choose who you are and where you want to be, and that by simple choice, a helping hand will come out of nowhere, your world changes. There is no more limitation than what you put on yourself, enabling you to become fearless and free.

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