Subconscious mind programming: the simplified guide.

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Subconscious mind programming: the simplified guide.


In order to bring your dreams to fruition, your heart and your mind need to be in alignment. It is not negotiable. If you want something consciously and the heart doesn’t agree, you can push yourself to oblivion and nothing will happen. The same goes the other way around, but instead of sheer will moving you, there will be blocks upon blocks stopping you. In one word, a disaster. 

Alignment can be created like everything else. Notice I said created, not forced. The subconscious mind, the heart, is there to protect us, but also to bring us joy if we let it. The problem in most cases is that you – like the majority of us – have been trained to ignore your feelings and listen to logic or conscious mind, which although seemly practical, it will probably lead you to places you didn’t wanna go. So, how do we change that, and create that alignment? Welcome to the world of subconscious mind programming. 

What is Subconscious mind programming?

Subconscious mind programming is a series of techniques designed to invite that collaboration between heart and mind. To better understand it,  we need to take a look at how our mind works. 

When I ask the question “what is more powerful the conscious or the subconscious mind?In most cases, people reply to me “the conscious, of course” which always surprises me. 

The subconscious not only regulates all of the vital functions of your body, day and night, but it is also responsible for your emotional responses. 

The subconscious mind records all the information available. 

Imagine terabytes after terabytes per second. Now, processing all of that information is impossible for our conscious mind and still difficult for the subconscious, which leads it to make assumptions based on experiences and emotions. When it comes time to use that information again due to a similar situation occurring, it brings forth to the conscious, solutions which in many instances are based on erroneous conclusions from the past, and in this way tinting our perception of reality.

subconscious mind recording

Most of those subconscious mind’s assumptions are our core beliefs. Unfortunately, our core beliefs are mostly created during our infancy and some of those assumptions turn out to be limiting beliefs.

Why is subconscious mind programming so important? 

To illustrate this point I would like to tell you a little story. Growing up, a set of twins experience an alcoholic father. I know gloomy, but stay with me. Later in life, both of them grow to be family men. One of the twins became exactly like his father, a raging alcoholic, and the other became a loving and caring father. When asked the question: “why are you this way?” both of them replied with the same answer: “ with a father like that, how else would I have turned out”. 

The same situation can have different subconscious responses. If you remember that most of our assumptions are created in the mind of a child – and chances are that some of those assumptions are flawed.

 Not all of our assumptions are created as children. 

Some are created as adults but they tend to be based on very limited experiences. One of my friends, she was fired from her job early in her career. She created a belief that “she couldn’t hold a job”. She is capable, qualified and likeable, and yet for the next 10 years after that incident, she was fired by every single position she held. That is the power of your subconscious mind. 

The subconscious assumes a belief and goes to work on replicating the same experience, through imperceptible actions and reactions that create a bridge of incidents that leads to the same conclusion. This is a very subtle process and yet quite effective. When a belief is held, we go and look for confirmation and we engrave that belief even more. We repeat the same experience over and over again until we get convinced of the fact that it is our reality.   

Limiting belief rat race


Now, that same friend, in utter frustration, decided to find the cause of the problem and rewrite the script. She allowed herself to have what she wanted: a stable, fulfilling and rewarding job. I have to report that as I am writing this, she has been in the same company for the last 5 years, has gotten three promotions during that time and is happier with her job than she has ever been. It sounds simple and it is, however it requires doing the work.

To achieve what you want, you require the collaboration of both the subconscious and conscious minds. Creating that unison approach to your goals is what can propel you

You do not have to believe me when I say that everything is possible and I say this because I didn’t. You can test this by yourself and get to your own conclusions as I did. Although I would say this, when you test it, you should give it everything you’ve got for at least 30 days. 

How do you communicate with your subconscious?

Unlike your conscious mind, your subconscious does not understand worlds as such. It understands better, emotions. Sounds mystical – but it isn’t. 

communicate with your subconscious

Your thoughts are expressed in the form of images and emotions. If you think of an apple right now, your mind would immediately create an image of it in your head. If you think of a happy memory, the emotion of that memory will immediately translate into a smile on your face. 

In order to change your subconscious programming, you need to speak its language. 

I have seen lots of people repeating affirmations mindlessly that mean little to nothing to them. Things like “I am happy and healthy”. Those types of affirmations although positive, will not bring the desired effect to the subconscious. Why? Because they are too abstract for the mind to understand and they are not relevant enough for the conscious mind to adhere emotion to them. 

That same affirmation can work if you make it relevant to you, something like for example “ I am delighted by the way my body moves, so elegantly and coordinated, I feel so healthy and vibrant”. We are pretty much saying the same thing but bringing colour and emotion to the picture.

Now there is one more factor to consider. I said before that in order for the reprogramming to work both mind and heart need to be aligned. When you are talking to your subconscious in whatever form you choose, the conscious mind needs to be aligned. For example, if you are telling your subconscious “I am loveable” but you are perceiving yourself as ugly, undesirable and stupid, you will be communicating the feeling of lying to yourself more than the desired feeling. 

The conscious mind, unlike the subconscious, requires proof. It doesn’t take things in good faith. 

That is why I always recommend adding a condition that eases the conscious mind. You can do that in the form of a “because”. In the previous example, I would say “ I am lovable because I am kind, generous and great to be around”. This simple hack ensures that there is no resistance from any of the parties involved. 

What are the most common subconscious mind programming techniques?

 There are lots of techniques designed to help harmonize both heart and mind, so I will provide a quick run-through of the most popular. 

  1. Affirmations – By far the most popular one. You don’t need much for using this technique. Decide on the topic. Envision your desired outcome. Write your affirmations as positive sentences, in present time. The idea is to repeat them with emotion, first thing in the morning and right before going to sleep.
    1. I will always recommend adding a “because”  to it, so you can help your conscious mind to accept the statement. 
  2. Subconscious mind tapes – it’s a variation of the affirmation technique. This method tends to include the previously mentioned affirmations, this time recorded and in many cases with the addition of binaural beats to induce a state similar to the deep meditation. 
  3. Hypnosis – This is another common method and although it is possible to do self-hypnosis, in most cases it is done by professional. Hypnosis involves the induction of an extreme state of relaxation where the subject is highly responsive to suggestion. There are a lot of myths around this technique, but it is, in my opinion, one of the fastest ones to achieve results. 
    1. I would recommend using a qualified professional. 
  4. Subliminals – the dictionary describes subliminal as not recognized or understood by the conscious mind, but still having an influence on it. In most cases, subliminal tapes are affirmations at a very low volume with some type of relaxing music superimposed on top. Although I am not a big fan of these types of reprogramming, they are very popular and seem to achieve good results for many people. 
  5. Revision – This technique was created by Neville Goddard and has become really popular among the manifesting community. It consists of picking a particular memory that causes trauma. Review the scene to have another ending and commence a process to convince your subconscious mind that the different ending is the real one. In order to do that, you would imagine that new slide in the first-person point of view as it is happening in front of your very eyes and loop it on repeat, until it gets all of the feelings of reality. This process should be done at the state akin to sleep, that is, the time right before drifting off on sleep. 
  6. Inner talk – I left the best for last. This technique might not be the most sophisticated of the bunch, but it is the most sustainable and easiest to implement. It is based on the universal laws of assumption. How you talk to you yourself matters. The subconscious is not discerning, it will accept what you say to yourself as truth, so a great inner conversation is vital. Another variation of this technique is the mental diet.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to help you achieve harmony between both your conscious and subconscious minds. 

How long does it take to change your subconscious programming?

The mind likes repetition and familiarity. Until the new way of thinking becomes familiar, repetition needs to continue. It is like learning to drive. In your first class, you make every movement conscious: look at the mirror, press the accelerator, the clutch as you change gears, the break,… they are all different thought processes. After a while, the mind runs the program on autopilot, and you know what to do instinctively without much conscious thinking involved. The mind has made the unfamiliar, familiar.   

Most of the behavioural studies available indicate that changing a habit takes around 21 days.

This also applies to subconscious mind programming, although it is not as clear-cut. 

In certain occasions, bringing forth and identifying the flawed belief will do the trick. Simply by understanding how this behaviour was hindering you can be enough ammunition for your mind to discard it. 

In other occasions, the initial discovery will lead to another discovery, until you get to the core of the problem, which in turn will lead to more work. Do not be discouraged if that happens. It is actually a great sign. At the end of the day, you want to change the root cause, not only the effect, so your life can achieve its maximum potential.


Changing your subconscious programming is one of the fastest ways to achieve anything you want in life. The technique you choose doesn’t really matter. You need to choose whatever works for you and is sustainable in the long term. 

The benefits of working with your own mind are in most cases, beyond imaginable. Success, love and abundance follow this work. The simple realization that, with a bit of effort to free yourself from your own flawed conditioning, you can achieve all you ever desired now effortlessly and in happy flow. Imagine a life that feels like an eternal holiday.

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