Understanding Parallel Realities when Manifesting

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Understanding Parallel Realities when Manifesting


There is a trend to talk about parallel realities where the manifesting community is giving it a bit of a science-fiction undertone. I have to admit that a part of me wouldn’t mind waking up on the perfect body, with the perfect partner and as wealthy as Bill Gates, or would I?

The problem with that scenario is that I would probably miss the joy in the journey. I know what you are going to say: “are you crazy Judie!?!”. I might be. So to better understand what is possible and how to easily you can get there, we should take a minute to understand the concept of parallel realities concerning manifestation. In this post, I am gonna walk you through different ways to understand parallel realities and how it applies to manifestation. 

How did you create current reality?

The first step to understanding parallel realities is to understand how your current reality is created. If you are expecting a long and complicated explanation, you will be disappointed. The truth is that you are where you are due to your choices. Not the big ones, but the small ones. 

Parallel Realities

Most people think that big decisions determine their lives. But if you think about it there are only a handful of big decisions that you would take in the course of your life. Yes, they might be significant or memorable, but they are occasional.

On the other hand, how many small decisions do you think you take a day? From the coffee in the morning to the time you go to sleep. Your day is full of micro-decisions that create the whole of your reality and ripple in your life to an extent that most of us are not even capable of understanding. 

Looking at the choices you didn’t choose

Now get ready, because this part is a bit abstract but I am going to do my best to simplify it. In the previous point, we agreed that your current reality is the sum of all your choices, but what happens to the things that you didn’t choose?

When I find myself looking at this question, I always go back to the quote from Carl Sagan:

“We are the way for the cosmos to know itself”

So imagine that every possibility that ever existed is recorded in the book of “never-to-be”. This book records all the possibilities and paths you could have taken but you didn’t. 

So now, imagine an infinite library filled with all of those books. Every single one of those books telling a completely different story of what your life could have been if you chose something different. 

In that library, there is a version of you that is wealthy, a version of you that has the perfect relationship, a version of you that has the perfect body, … And most definitely a version of you that has exactly the same thing you are desiring right now.

Understanding the knowledge library  

Assuming that this is true and the necessary information to achieve your desire is already created and available. Would it be possible to tap into it?

The main purpose of manifestation on its essence is to tap into that unrealized reality. 

Imagine yourself standing in an empty room. Decorating from scratch that room would require massive amounts of energy: designing, buying and placing the items. Now imagine, that you get out of the room to a corridor full of doors. The next time you open the door of your room, it is already decorated to your specific requirements. It has every single detail in place exactly as you desired. That is the power of tapping into parallel realities. 

The reality that you truly desired is already created but not realized. You only need to choose the right book and live the story that already exists. 

Does it sound too good to be true? I thought so when I first heard of this concept. But when I started looking into this theory, I realized that lots of successful people talked about the same thing. I thought to myself “what is the harm and giving it a shot?”

The traps of the knowledge library

There are so many techniques to tap into the unrealized realities, but before we get into those, there are some caveats you should look at, so you can have realistic expectations around it. 

Time lag 

First, you need to understand that you don’t get what you want, you get what you are. The creation is finished the moment you desire something. It is created in the information field. What Abraham Hicks calls the Vortex. There is a time delay between informational creation and the actual experience in your reality. 

I have always seen that time lag as the time required for you to move from who you currently are to who you desire to be. This is identity shifting at its best.


Changing your identity at its core is simple but not easy. It is my experience that when you are changing the essence of who and what you are, your current state of being is going to fight back. Doubts, insecurities and indecisions are going to surface. 

Parallel Realities

For years, I tried to fight them off, that is not the way though. In the process of changing, you will have to face your fears. The person that you are becoming has a completely different way of seeing things than the current you otherwise you would have been that person already. 

Welcome every single challenge as proof that you are on the right path. The universe is moving you to your desired outcome the fastest, most efficient way possible. The faster you are able to shift, the faster you will arrive at your desired destination. 

The technique to tap into your desired reality.

On the basis that you get what you are and not what you want, is there a way to become faster? I am of the opinion that there is. Most of the spiritual teachers have some sort of techniques to get there. You can read more about techniques here, but in this particular post I am going to focus on the one I personally feel is the most effective. 

For me, the Neville Goddard of reality creation is the simplest and most efficient. In synthesis, you use the time right before you go to sleep that he calls “state akin to sleep” to visualize a point in time and space after the event you desire has happened. The visualization is a short scene. You repeat in your mind over and over until it gets all of the tones of reality. Do not stop until you are completely saturated with the feeling or you fall asleep.

In my experience, when you have saturated your mind with the final destination, you will be moved by your own reality to becoming that person that already has what you desire. Events, people and circumstances will conspire to help you become what you want to be. 


Understanding parallel realities is not a difficult task if you understand that your current reality is the sum of all your choices and that other choices could have been made. The parallel realities are those where the other choices live. Although unrealized, they still live in the information field and all the possibilities available to you. 

If you are brave enough to leave the old you behind and tap into another version of you that knows exactly what to do and how to get there, the possibilities are unlimited. You and only you have the power to move into the perfect life for you, to choose the right book in the infinite library of knowledge.

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