How to visualize correctly

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How to visualize correctly


I can’t actually tell you how many books I have read when it comes to reality creation and manifestation. At this point, it is more or less an obsession. I compulsively consume all the information available in the matter. But one thing all of that information has in common is the concept of visualizing correctly. As far apart as all the reality creation theories can be they all agree on how to visualize to mould reality. 

In this post, we are going to walk through how to visualize correctly. Also how to know for sure that the visualization has been impressed in your subconscious mind. This topic arises in lots of talks in the manifesting community and it is one of my personal favourites. Let’s get to it. 

Why does reality creation use visualization? 

Whether you subscribe to the Neville Goddard teachings, Reality Transurfing, James Allen, Napoleon Hill or any other teacher of reality creation, the idea of visualizing is in the forefront.

They all call it differently, but the message and the method is exactly the same. 

Intentional reality creation is somewhat like setting a goal. You start with the end in mind. Your end is your “why” and the force behind all the steps that you will take to achieve your desire. You can understand now that deciding on that definitive end is an important task, but why do you visualize it?


Getting your desires to come to life is depending, in my opinion, on one thing and one thing only:

getting your heart and mind to agree on the outcome.

When your subconscious and conscious (heart and mind) are in alignment, the whole world would bend around to turn your desires into reality. It is the law.

Unlike your conscious mind, the subconscious mind does not speak in words but in images. It doesn’t understand any verbal tense than the present. It doesn’t distinguish between wanted and unwanted as all events and circumstances are neutral to it. 

The faithful servant 

Your conscious mind is the captain of the boat while your subconscious is the faithful servant that does as it is told with not much critical thinking. That would be ok, if it wasn’t for the fact that the conscious mind can be sometimes an untrained, confused and arrogant captain. 

Most of the reality we perceive, we perceive subconsciously and we interpret it in accordance with our internal beliefs. That is the reason why people, events and circumstances present themselves the way they do. 

If we were to change how events, people and circumstances present themselves in our reality, based on the previous premise, we would have to change our perception of them. The bible says:

As above so below. As within so without.

The easiest way to bring about this change is to use a language that both heart and mind can understand. But it is not enough to daydream alone. Let’s be honest. I have daydreamed about being a mermaid since I was four and still haven’t grown a tail. Why is that? Because my heart and mind are not completely in alignment on the matter, because I can’t believe it fully. And here lies the trick. 

Believing the impossible 

To get to alignment you need to bypass the rational part of your brain that tells you that whatever you desire is impossible and bases all its decisions on circumstances that pretend are unmovable.


If that wasn’t enough, at the same time, you have your faithful servant, which believes everything that your mind says to be a universal truth. The problem here is that it listens to the emotions, not the words, and unfortunately you can lie to anyone about how you feel, but not to yourself. 

The visualization technique helps both parts (the conscious and subconscious) when applied correctly. It allows your mind to believe and your heart to follow the right emotion. 

How to visualize correctly?

I am going to lay out all the components here so you can have a clear protocol to follow. With that being said, you will find out as you practice that you will get some rituals or mannerisms that are not in here. Like with everything else in reality creation listen to your intuition and follow it. 

Preparing your scene 

The first step to achieve any desire, knowing what you want. Treat this with the respect it deserves. You are going to invest your energy in creating something, give a good thought about what you want to experience and before you decide on anything, have a long hard look at why you want it and how you expect to feel when you get it. 

Then construct a small scene. That scene needs to be after the desire has been accomplished. A scene that implies in itself that the goal has been achieved. For example, if you dream about a vacation on an exotic island, a scene could be one where you lie on a sunbed enjoying the glowing sun. 

There is one more consideration at this point. Make sure that you are the main character in this scene. The idea is that you are seeing what is happening from the point of view of the person experiencing the scene, as the main actor of the play. Or as Neville says from the “first-person point of view“. 

Relax your mind

In order to visualize correctly, you need to let go of the current reality. If you are currently worrying about paying bills and preparing dinner, your mind can’t fully concentrate on the feeling of a vacation, can you? That is why most teachers recommend that you do it on a drowsy stage just before you go to bed. I have to agree with it, it makes things so much easier. 


Neville Goddard calls this state “a state akin to sleep” but I have achieved that state also after meditation or early in the morning with good results too. 

Loop the scene

When you fully relax within yourself, you should start looping the scene in your mind until you bring that scene completely to live. This was a very confusing point for me. Upon further practice, I noticed that as I repeated the scene I felt it more and more real. Add more colour and definition every time you loop it. And keep repeating as effortlessly as you can manage and with as much detail as you can until the emotion behind it starts to show up. 

It is an incredible experience the first time that it happens. Your entire mind and heart are in agreement at that moment. A wave of peace and happiness comes over you. I encourage you to try that feeling because it is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

How do you know it is done? 

Besides the feeling of extreme happiness, there is something peculiar that happens at this point in time. You can’t do it anymore. For some strange reason, it would feel difficult for you to go back to that particular scene. That is a clear sign that your mind has been impressed properly and even if you try, you wouldn’t be able to feel it the same way. At that point, you can be sure the prayer has been heard. 

The first time you apply this technique, it is normal that you don’t believe it is done. It happens to all of us, it will only be later on when you realise the grip on it that it will show up and prove that the impossible is most definitely possible. 

I would like to tell you to stop looking for proof of that being done, but I know that if you are anything like me, you will be looking for it. There is no shame on it, I don’t blame you. I did it. But it only delays things. So if you can, try and let it go. 

Revisit your scene consciously only when you feel good and can relish on it. It would feel to you like a memory. Hold it in your thoughts, only when you feel good and let it be the force that keeps you putting a foot in front of the other, but know that it will come to pass in perfect timing. 


Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques of reality creation. Easy to implement and fun to experience. As simple as quieting your mind and playing your scene until it gets all of the tones of reality. 

One of the things that convinced me to try this technique was that most of the people that I admired, seemed to be using it to achieve incredible things. I have to say that when it comes to my experience, I was for sure not disappointed and I am quite sure you wouldn’t be either. 

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