Why do I get the opposite of my manifestation?

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Why do I get the opposite of my manifestation?


Why do you get the opposite of your manifestation? that is one of the most common questions you might have when you start manifesting and things don’t go your way. 

When I started experimenting with conscious manifesting, I noticed that although I was doing fine with little things, I got exactly the opposite when I tried to manifest something important to me. Suffice to say, I wasn’t impressed.

Being a curious person, I started a quest to understand what was going on. I was seeing everybody succeed with their big manifestations but me. I needed to know why.

If you, like me, are trying to understand why things are going in the opposite direction, this is your post. I am going the explain the reason why that happens and what can you do about it.

Why do you get the opposite of what you asked for?

The answer to that question is “Importance”. Whenever you desire something with all of your heart, you most likely are placing excessive value onto it. Some coaches call this “putting the desire on a pedestal”, but I honestly couldn’t understand what they meant by it.  

In simple terms, all of your available energy is focused on one single task. This behaviour raises the stakes so high that nothing else matters. The excessive value placed upon your manifestation produces a natural imbalance called “excessive potential”. Excess potential needs to be corrected and the correction takes priority over your manifestation.

Now imagine that all of the forces helping you to get your desire suddenly stopped because they need to correct the imbalance. As I said before, the imbalance has priority and it needs to be corrected with urgency. In order to do that, the balancing forces will take the path of least resistance. 

The path of least resistance is the one that requires less orchestration. 

The simplest, fastest way to restore balance. In most of the cases, it is by removing the problem altogether, normally not in the favour of the creator at all.

Understanding  “importance”

“Importance” arises when you place excessive value or meaning upon anything, focusing all of your available energy upon it. There are two main types of importance:

  • Inner importance – This type of importance refers to focusing on your personal attributes whether negatively or positively. It is as bad to overestimate our positive qualities as it is our negative ones. Thoughts like “I am not enough”, which is of negative importance, are as bad as “I am the best” which is of positive importance. Both of those statements if overvalued will create excess potential. 

  • Outer importance – In this case, you look outwards. This importance arises when you place excessive meaning to an object or event in the external world. Thoughts like “I can’t make it through if this or that doesn’t happen” or “my life has no meaning if so and so doesn’t love me” place excessive value on something external to yourself which also create the dreaded excess potential. 

As you can imagine, overcoming outer importance is easier than the inner one, and yet both of them can hinder your manifestation as they create “excess potential”.

So, what is “excess potential”?

Vadim Zeland explains this concept in-depth in his book Reality Transurfing. To me, this concept was the single most important discovery when it comes to manifesting and a total game-changer. 

The key idea to understand is that everything in nature looks for balance. The law of balance is one of the 12 universal laws together with the law of attraction. When you create excess potential, you are breaking the natural balance and the same force of nature that is able to orchestrate your manifestation comes to restore balance. To do that, the balancing forces will take the path of least resistance, which in most cases is not in your favour at all. 

To illustrate this I am going to give you an example from my own life. Back in 2013, I was working in a bank when I decided that I needed a change. I have worked in banking all of my career and at this point, I wanted to do something fun. A drunken night, I decided that I was moving to Denmark and I was going to work in social media. There you go! Shamelessly asking for the impossible.

As I believe in the law, even though I sent the application half-drunk in the middle of the night and with very limited experience, I got a call the next day. Passed the first interview with flying colours. Got to the second one successfully. However, right at the moment when they were about to send me the contract, my level of importance raised. 

Suddenly, getting that position became my unique single focus. I went to work and thought about the position. I looked at my phone every two seconds waiting for the offer. The contract was in my mind all the time. Outer importance was through the roof. What happened? Three weeks delay! And I almost didn’t get it. 

The funny thing was that when I made peace with the fact that I might not get the position and thought “no matter what I would be ok“, it took two days to get the contract.

What happened was that the same forces in charge of helping me getting my desire were busy doing something else: correcting the imbalance. Not getting the job would have corrected the imbalance instantly. I would probably have been upset but the importance would have diminished instantly and the excess potential would have been extinguished. 

How to correct excess potential?

As you can imagine, it is not an easy task to diminish importance. When something holds excessive value to you, a simple “I don’t care that much about it”  is not really gonna cut it. You can lie to others, but you can’t really lie to yourself. 

So I have a technique that I use to reduce “importance”. it might seem counter-intuitive at the beginning but it does work. At the end of the day, you want the results, so there is no harm in trying it. 

My first step is to reduce the “importance” momentum.

I use meditation, but it isn’t really necessary to meditate. To reduce momentum you need to get your thoughts off the subject. Go for a walk, engage in your favourite hobby, do something nice for yourself. Choose something completely off-topic that brings you personal satisfaction. Note that distraction alone will not do it. Distraction is interpreted by the body as avoidance and it only increases anxiety. You should look for anything that represents progress, even if it is in the smallest way. 

The second step is to get really comfortable with the idea that your manifestation might not happen.

Remember I said that was counter-intuitive, but stay with me just a bit more. Stoicism bases their decision-making process in the best and worst-case scenario, you are going to do something similar. 

Once, just once, you are going to imagine what is the worst-case scenario if your manifestation doesn’t come to pass, what would happen if you do not get that job or partner or money. And then realized the truth:

You will be ok. You will find a different way

That act alone as counterintuitive as it might feel, it is getting you closer to your manifestation. You are stopping the struggle, the impatience and allowing yourself to go with the flow, cause you know that you have chosen what you want and you have detached from the need to have it. 


When you get the opposite of your manifestation, the first thing to look for is the level of importance that you have placed onto it. If the importance is really high, you now know that it needs to be corrected as soon as possible cause before it causes more damage.

The universal forces will hurry to correct the excess potential and will do it on the way that requires the less orchestration possible, normally not playing in favour of the creator. 

Reduce the excess potential by the diminishing importance. Stop the momentum by getting of the subject and get really comfortable with the idea that your manifestation might not happen, which funny enough will push your manifestation forward. 

Once you master this technique, you will have conquered one of the biggest hurdles in manifestation: Getting out of your own way.


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