Why is that what we resist persist?

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Why is that what we resist persist?


How is it possible that what we resist persist? All logic will tell you that if you are resisting something somehow it should leave your feel of experience when the reality is that the opposite is true. 

In this post, we are going to explore what resisting is really about, why it persists and what you can do about it so you can easily let go of the resistance and have a more fulfilling and happy experience. 

What is resistance?

The dictionary defines resistance as the refusal to accept or comply with something. In terms of manifestation, resistance is that dreaded force that messes up your manifestation. In simple words, nothing good.

You should see resistance as beliefs or thoughts that are contradictory to your manifesting goals. If you have read any of my other posts, you might know by now that I believe that is the alignment between heart and mind that bring the magic into your life. That is conscious and subconscious in harmonious union. Resistance is literally the disharmony between the two. 

It is all a matter of perspective

We are all going through life experiencing stuff. Some things are good, some are bad and some leave us indifferent. In recent years, I started to see all experiences as information. I will strip them from negative or positive connotations. I have discovered that you truly do not know if something is good or bad until you see the situation fully unfolded. This, however, was not always the case for me. 


Back in the day, I had the horrendous habit of running from pain, instead of going for what I really wanted. The problem with that scenario is that it doesn’t allow for much self-reflection. 

If you part from the idea that:

Every experience has lots of diverse meanings for different people or even for the same person.  

Adding self-reflection to your interpretation

Your interpretation of a particular situation without self-reflection might be erroneous. For example, a couple of years back, I was working for an international company and I was extremely passionate about my job. I wanted to go to the next level with it. I gave it all I had. In time, I developed my skills, learned new and innovative techniques, got all certifications I could find… and yet, instead of improving, my work situation was slowly but surely getting worse. To the point that I got fired. Funny enough, I got a glowing endorsement of my work, which if you think about it, it’s the weirdest thing that could ever happen. 

I cried and cried over it and I felt defeated, miserable and underappreciated. In less than a month, I got a job offer from a bigger and better company, which actually paid a more adequate salary for my services (almost double) where I felt respected and appreciated. 

The issue with my previous job was that I was comfortable, although I knew I was undervalued and underpaid. I would have never left the position. The universe had listened to my desires. It plotted to get me my ideal position the fastest and easiest way possible. 

What we resist not only persists but it grows in size

I am using the famous Carl Jung sentence to illustrate this point. The reality of any situation is that we do not know how it is going to play out, but in some cases, by assuming the worse or by running away from it we make it way worse than it needs to be. 

Running from perceived negative experiences could and will make things worse. I could actually give you many, many examples in my own experience.

For a while, I had problems with relationships. I seemed to meet these dreamy guys that like me and just like the came they disappeared. I was always left with a sense of abandonment and despair. Suddenly, I started to believe that all men were mean creatures and that I wasn’t enough. Shitty feelings I know. But I wouldn’t face them, I wouldn’t feel them and confront them. So I keep moving from shit head to shit head, or so I thought. 


When you have decided not to deal with something, your subconscious will play it over and over until YOU decide to change the story. The only thing is that every time the scenario will be more dramatic than the one before. That emotion wants your attention and you are running from it, so it would be amplified. Did you really think you can run from yourself?

What we resist persist. Embrace it and it will dissolve.

One of those breakups really left me in pieces. I couldn’t run anymore. I really needed to know why this was happening to me. In fact, I felt so broken and so devastated that I had nothing to lose and I decided to look directly at the situation. 

What I found when I looked into it was, to say the least, revealing and changed my complete outlook on relationships. For years, I tried to adapt to others, to please them. I had made myself smaller to allow for small men to feel comfortable instead of choosing myself first. The issue was not in the men, it was in me not recognizing my own value. 

Looking at the situation from an objective position, assuming the role of the observer , allowed me to see clearly. To feel all of that emotion and look for the cause of all those feelings. By allowing things to be as they were and look at them with fierce eyes, I allow myself to feel the devastation and surpass it. I didn’t try to fight for it, I didn’t try to numb it. I just felt and observed. 

After a while, one morning as I was having my coffee, I realized I was happy. I had changed the script of my emotions. Suddenly, my stress and negative emotions were gone. The most incredible thing is that nothing I could see had changed. Only me. Slowly good things started to happen like the entire world was rearranging to show me that what we believe truly transforms the reflection on the mirror. 

Heart of pink


What we resist truly follows us around by the way of the subconscious. Resistance is simply the misalignment between what you want and what you think you deserve. If you have the courage to look at your fears directly and examine where they come from, if you feel them in your core without any hold, you will soon experience bliss like you never experienced before. 

If you are tired of repeating the same cycles, stop. Face your fears and be ready for what comes next. Everything you ever wanted is waiting for you at the other side of your comfort zone.  

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